Puebla tourist sites

Puebla Cathedral

Consecrated by Juan de Palafox y Mendoza for the teachings of the bishopric and its chapter, the Cathedral of Puebla is the most important in Latin America for its aesthetic beauty and historical richness that keeps in its interior. Among its treasures is the Ochavo, an area built in the seventeenth century; the Retablo de los Reyes, which has pieces by sculptor José Antonio Villegas Cora and some frescoes by Cristóbal de Villalpando. Without a doubt, the most important wonder in Puebla, witness and protector of the first quadrant of the Historic Center. 5 min. on foot

Bubas Bridge

A few minutes from downtown Puebla is this historic seventeenth century bridge that was recovered and restored so that citizens and tourists can experience the depths of the city, as it was buried when the San Francisco River was vaulted, when it gave access to the traditional neighborhoods of La Luz and Analco. It is currently part of the tourist corridor "The Secrets of Puebla", which is a must visit during your stay in the "City of Angels".
5 min. on foot

The strong ones

The Battle of May 5th took place in this historical place, which is celebrated every year with a parade that takes this point into account as an enclave for its journey. The parks that make up this space from which you can see a panoramic view of the city, coupled with the Teleferico de Puebla, the Museum of Non-Intervention "Fort Loreto", Planetarium of Puebla and the Interactive Museum of the Battle of May 5, make it one of the most important spaces to visit if you are near the Historic Center. 10 min. by car or tour.

Puebla Star

To the south of the city is Angelopolis, the most important financial, commercial and residential district of Puebla that has as a symbol the Star of Puebla, a structure from which you can see the whole city and at the same time, illuminates the entire area. It is located next to the Linear Park, perfect opportunity to enjoy this place whose sunsets are unforgettable. Don't leave without visiting some of the gastronomic offers that there are round 25 min. by car or tour

International Museum of the Baroque (MIB)

Near the Star of Puebla, on Boulevard Atlixcáyotl, is the MIB, a sample of the vanguard that you can also find in the Angelopolis. Designed by one of the best architects in the world, Toyo Itō, this space is currently living a stage in which they add to the historical pieces belonging to the Baroque Novohispano, different traveling exhibitions and local art. A must-see to have a coffee, tour its various rooms and photograph every corner of this architectural wonder. 35 min. by car or tour